What Are The Major Advantages Of Self Publishing

bullet imagebullet imageAspiring writers take control over their success by evaluating online book printing. These opportunities help these writers gain a fighting chance in the industry. They eliminate the red tape that they face with large publishers. These self publishing options include eBook printing and distribution.

Reducing the Waiting Time for Publication

Writers submit their books to major publishing houses for a chance to make it in the industry. This submission has two possible outcomes. Either the publisher rejects the book, or they schedule it for publications. Books that are scheduled for publication must undergo the editing process first. This process could take years to complete. The typical waiting period is at least one year.

Self publishing eliminates this waiting period. The only possible waiting periods in online book printing are associated with the writer's own edits and choices. The writer uploads the manuscript onto the website for the printing service. They review these manuscript for errors. The next steps are choosing the binding and the cover for the book.

Maintaining Complete Control Over the Project

The author makes all decisions for their book. They maintain control throughout the entire process. The writer directs the printing service when they are ready to start online self publishing. They make updates for the book.

The writer has all rights to the book. The book cannot be published without their explicit permission. The printer cannot reproduce any portion of the book without the author's approval. This includes any advertisements or excerpt production for other published media. The writer must sign off on any publications outside of the book itself.

Printing As Needed Only

The printing service places control of production in the writer's hands. They indicate if they want mass production or single-copy printing after orders. Writers control costs by choosing single-copy printing at the beginning of the process. However, if the book is well-received, larger orders are likely. The writer weighs their options based on what they can afford.

Control of All Marketing Strategies

The writer manages all marketing strategies. They have many opportunities including print ads, online marketing, and publishing a book options through social media. The writer reviews these opportunities based on their budget.

Self publication reduces delays and helps the writer place the book on the market quickly. These writers won't face the restrictions of large publishing houses. The writer publishes what they want to publish without major changes. Writers who are ready to start this process today should contact Steuben Press and make arrangements.